Jay Dryer - Sax/Clarinet/Band Leader

Jay Dryer, aka Jerome Jay Dryer, is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, 
conductor, and instrumentalist. He plays piano, clarinet, saxophone, and flute.
He has worked with everyone who is anyone in the music business.
Full Bio HERE
Howard Leshaw - Sax/Flute/Co-Leader
Composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, and instrumentalist, plays clarinet, saxophone and flute. His extensive career includes performing and recording with major names in the music business. Full Bio HERE
Marty Confurius - Bass

Richie Dimino - Piano


Jimmie Young - Drums

Jimmie has been one of the most popular drummers in New York for over 30 years. He has recorded and performed in major venues with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Marian McPartland,  Vic Damone,  Nancy Wilson, Jack Jones,  Diahann Carroll and many more. His career includes work for Broadway, Television and Film.  Full Bio HERE

The New York Skyscrapers

is an American contemporary band playing multiple genres - Contemporary Pop, Funk, Jazz, R&B and Soul. With top seasoned musicians and four fabulous singers, we are an unbeatable choice for concerts, festivals and events.

Our recent album is titled 'The NY Skyscrapers and Friends'

Please review our website and feel free to contact Jay at 732-492-1371

Don Albano ​- Guitar/Vocals/Alto Sax/Mixing

Don Albano, aka Don Young, is a musician, singer, composer, arranger, producer and sound engineer. He plays guitar, electric bass, mandolin, clarinet, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone. He did the arrangements for “Cry Me A River” and “My Funny Valentine” on the 'The NY Skyscrapers ​and Friends' CD. ​Full Bio HERE